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Thanks for visiting won't you please consider joining? Just complete this form. I'll try to get you joined asap, but confess to a terminal case of laziness. Links and affiliates are totally welcome, just email me. In the meantime, the rules are simple:

~Love Vanille Abricot! (Or just like it a lot)

~Give us a name and a real location. (The whole of a fanlisting, that)

~If your site is questionable/offensive, then I won't list it. But I'll still list you as a fan. Who decides what is questionable/offensive? Me, cause I keep the listing. But I'm relatively hard to offend and I find the questionable to be excellent for thought provoking conversation.

~Tell me what you think! Ideas? Suggestions? Criticism? Share it, just be gentle. I'm an Aquarius, we don't generally take criticism very well.

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